Roskamp Clinical Trials

Be part of the SOLUTION, Be part of a CLINCIAL TRIAL

The quality of research performed at the Roskamp Institute reflects its motto: "Better science. Real discovery." Please contact the Roskamp Institute Clinic at (941) 256- 8018 ext. 354 or 355 to learn more about the current trials that need participants.

Participants of clinical trials are the heroes that aid in the development of new drugs and treatments from which the rest of the world can benefit. Each drug and medical treatment available on the market has been able to surface because of brave and willing clinical trial participants.

Now, more than ever, we need volunteers for Alzheimer's research as we continue to test investigational products and approaches to treat the disease. Unfortunately, it has been more than a decade since a medication was introduced to treat Alzheimer’s. The importance of qualifying participants for ongoing clinical studies is vital for advancement in the treatment of this often times debilitating disease.

Sarasota happens to have one of the highest densities of Alzheimer's disease sufferers in the world. Volunteers are needed for studies of new treatments and medications. Patients in all stages of Alzheimer’s are encouraged to participate, from those who suspect they have a memory disorder because they are frequently forgetful to those who are in the late stages of Alzheimer’s. Subjects undergo a screening evaluation to determine if they are eligible for participation.